Posted on: August 23, 2008 5:58 pm

Too much pressure for a young team..?

Lack of Clutch Hitting..

the Dodgers are quickly becoming the kings of the K. putting the bat on the ball is
all that is needed not hitting the cover off it. its like their standing in concrete afraid to make an out. trying to
work the count and quickly finding them self in a 0-2 count. They have
lost that freewheeling attitude that got them back in the pennant race. they need to
loosen up, relax. the hits will come the rallies will happen and we will put
up the proper amount of runs and win games..

the fifth spot is ice cold.. that has become are dead zone...
are young players are not taking the pressure of a tough
pennant race , this is their first one.. but i don't think i can take another
strike out looking.

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